New Jersey Residents Face Possible ‘Rain Tax’


New Jersey residents could soon be hit with what Republicans are calling a “rain tax,” if Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy signs newly passed legislation.

The bill, approved by the New Jersey Assembly and the Senate, would allow municipalities to create utilities that can collect fees from homeowners and business owners that have large paved surfaces, like driveways and parking lots. During storms, rainwater mixes with pollutants on those surfaces before running into sewers and drains. The funding from the fees could be used for upgrades to reduce the impact on the environment.

“With all the salt that we’ve had on roads recently, that’s all running into the sewer systems, so you can’t ignore the problems because they don’t go away,” Senate President Steve Sweeney told CBS New York.

“Under the bill, a county, municipality, or authority (local unit) that establishes a stormwater utility is authorized to charge and collect reasonable fees and other charges to recover the stormwater utility’s costs for stormwater management,” the bill reads.

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  1. Why not an air tax? Those who exercise exhale more carbon dioxide, and should be taxed for added pollution. Those who don’t should be taxed for NOT using the oxygen, thoughtfully provided by the government, and should be taxed for letting it go to waste.

  2. There’s no end to the insanity of these animals.
    Our sewer charges as it is are sky high and now they want to take even more.
    What will it take to get people to finally realize stop voting these idiots in

  3. Tax tax tax
    And increased payment of salaries
    Tax the rich and give to others opm

    Easy to tax. Harder to be fiscally responsible
    Vote him out

  4. Much as I hate Murphy and his fellow Democrats in this particular situation I see their point of view. This isn’t a “spreading the wealth around tax” or for the purpose of enlarging endless bureaucracy or some other wacky democrat idea.

    This is assessing a tax based on the proportionate to the amount your property is causing damage or requires work from the utilities companies. That sounds like the way the Gemorah asses taxes so I can’t disagree with it.

    The only thing that makes me nervous about this tax is the claim that The funding from the fees could be used for upgrades to reduce the impact on the environment

    That causes me to strongly suspect there is another motive behind this tax that has nothing to do with usage fees.

  5. Tax them for sleeping, and for waking,
    Tax them for giving, and for taking,
    Tax them for breathing in, and out,
    Tax them for silence, for being loud,
    Tax them for selling, and for buying,
    Tax them for living, then – for dying.
    Tax them for drinking, and for peeing,
    Tax them for blindness, for seeing,
    Tax them for childlessness, or breeding,
    Tax them for fasting, tax for feeding,
    Tax toilet usage, tax holding in,
    Tax being fat, tax being thin,
    Tax every illness, tax perfect health,
    Tax poverty, tax work, tax wealth….

    The house is taxed; now, tax its drain.
    Taking requires no great brain.
    So, how about letting live,
    And those who wish to share shall give.
    We’ll never run out of takers.
    They are our very own lawmakers.
    When there’ll be nothing left to tax,
    But clothing on people’s backs,
    Hand out some freebies, come election,
    To get their votes and affection.

    Had socialism been scientific,
    And not a mental soporific,
    All those leftist demagogues
    Would have it tested first on dogs.


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