New Jersey Governor Signs Law Banning Marriage Under Age 18


New Jersey has become the second state in the nation to bar marriage for anyone under 18, the AP reports.

Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy signed the bill Friday.

The law bars the state from issuing marriage or civil union licenses anyone under 18, regardless of parental or judicial consent.



  1. Hmmm, marriage is verboten until 18, but znus is not just allowed, but encouraged starting from elementary school. Just like a chazir: split hooves on the outside, no chewing cud on the inside.

  2. Sadly, Israel has the same law. These G-dless governments have no problem that boys and girls live together as young teenagers and have children before marriage, as long as they’re not officially married kedas Moshe veYisrael.

  3. Such tzadikim we live in such a wonderful world, all is good. Governor Murphy has outlawed marriage under age 18.

    He wants to legalize marijuana, sports betting, tax shopping bags..Last week Trenton had a major gang related shoot out in a street fair and Murphy says its all about gun control… We have an out of touch governor and the media is so quiet.. Good chance he is a democrat..

  4. Oh no. This will only exacerbate the dreaded “age-gap” crises! Now it’s getting serious. This is truly out of G-d’s hands. We must gather in protest to have this unbearable decree nullified! Send in your checks for $180 asap.

  5. So you can get married kdas vekidin whenever you like in a Jewish ceremony and get your marriage license when you turn 18.

    • exactly, or may be not get any at all, depending on the accountant’s advice and whatever option minimizes taxes to be paid.
      Their “marriage license” is irrelevant and so are they. I am enjoying it is showing plainly.

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