New Jersey Gasoline Prices Top $2.50


gasIt’s costing New Jersey motorists more at the gasoline pump, but drivers in neighboring states are still paying higher prices. AAA Mid-Atlantic says the average price of regular hit $2.51 in the Garden State today, which is up from $2.15 a month ago but lower than $3.99 in 2008. Overall, New Jersey’s current price is the fourth cheapest nationwide. “We’re not expecting dramatic price swings like we experienced last summer, but small daily increases through July 4 are likely,” auto club spokesman David Weinstein said.The last time the price of gas was this high in New Jersey was Oct. 29, 2008, when the average price was $2.52.

AAA says the average price of regular costs $2.80 in New York, $2.78 in Connecticut and $2.65 in Pennsylvania.

{Star Ledger/ Newscenter}


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