New Jersey CVS Branch Gives Kids Cancer Drugs by Mistake


cvsParents in Chatham, N.J., are expressing outrage and concern after a CVS pharmacy mistakenly gave them a drug used to fight cancer instead of fluoride pills for their children’s teeth.

The parents who came to the CVS pharmacy on Main Street were actually bringing home tamoxifen – a powerful drug to fight breast cancer.

Somehow, the mix up went on undetected for at least two months and maybe longer.

“It’s something that’s very disheartening to see that happen and who knows what else they did wrong,” said parent Davin Clark.

For its part, CVS said in a statement: “The health and safety of our customers is our highest priority and we are deeply sorry for the mistake that occurred at our Chatham, NJ pharmacy. Beginning last week, we have contacted or have left messages for every family whose child was dispensed a 0.5 mg fluoride prescription from our Chatham location within the past 60 days.”

The cause of the mix up is still under investigation. There have been no reports of documented illnesses as a result of the switch up and it appears the mistake was limited to that New Jersey store.

But if you want to be extra vigilant in your home, there are several websites that can help you identify pills:

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  1. Why in the world would any sane parent give flouride orally to their kid? I would bet they didn’t bother Googling side affects, never mind on Tamoxifen.

  2. Fluoride at the amounts usually put into drinking water isn’t dangerous, and it cuts down on tooth problems by a huge margin. Giving it by mouth, however? That’s something to ask your pediatrician about. If you use well water with no fluoride, ask your doctor.

    As for the mixup – someone should get in serious legal trouble about this. It’s chasdei HaShem that no children seem to have been hurt, but someone could have been responsible for real harm. I hope CVS re-evaluates its procedures and also from whom it gets its drugs.


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