New Jersey: Could a Vote Today for Phil Murphy Mean a Disastrous Rise in Your Property Taxes?


Today, New Jerseyans pick a new governor to succeed Chris Christie. The race has come down to Democratic Phil Murphy and Republican opponent Kim Guadagno.

Those worried about their property taxes are throwing their support behind Guadagno, who has at least promised to lower property taxes in the Garden State, among the highest in the nation.

Murphy hasn’t announced a plan to reduce property taxes, while Guadagno has made lowering property taxes her top priority in her campaign.

Guadagno has a property tax proposal that would cap how much homeowners would pay for school taxes to 5 percent of their income.

The average New Jerseyan paid about $8,500 in property taxes last year. Under Murphy, that could rise significantly.

Murphy has declined to say whether he will support renewing the 2 percent cap on raises that New Jersey police and firefighter unions can win through arbitration. The cap is set to expire at the end of the year, and property taxes will likely rise and services will be slashed if the state Legislature doesn’t renew it.

Among his controversial ideas, Murphy wants to establish a state-owned bank which lends all of its money out in New Jersey — for things like small businesses and student loans. Only North Dakota has done it before.

Murphy has also vowed to fight Donald Trump, especially on immigration. Murphy has criticized President Donald Trump consistently.

{CB Newscenter}


  1. For those of you who rent & dont care, he also plans to tripple the tolls to NY & may up the sales tax as well. All bad for middle & low income families.

  2. I’m on hud also called section 8 and receive other entitlements I support murphy because the other one Kim only cares about the rich.

  3. It seems on the surface that Murphy would be bad and Guadagno would be good. Nevertheless, I am quite concerned about voting for her because she was together with Christy. Has anyone else noticed that it was under their watch (Christy and Guadagno) that suddenly the Lakewood School board was under intense scrutiny with a special state monitor. That was only one Avlah that was done and there are many other adverse ways that Lakewood was affected. So while it may be good to have a more conservative governor in theory, if their idea of “cutting” is by bullying Lakewood and cutting our State money unfairly than I’d rather have the more Liberal one in Power. Basically the options stink either way.

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