New Jersey Adding Gender-Neutral Birth Certificate Option


Birth certificates in New Jersey will soon include a third, gender-neutral option.

Beginning on Friday, residents in the state will be permitted to amend the gender listed on their birth certificates, according to NBC News. Residents will have the option of choosing between male, female or non-binary.

Under current law, residents in New Jersey could only amend the gender listed on their birth certificate if a doctor certified that the person had undergone gender reassignment surgery.


New York City also made the option available earlier this month.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. This is getting serious. After 2 mothers get “married” & want to have kids, they go to a sperm bank to look for a donor. Somewhere along after 9 months they decides to kill the baby(have an abortion because it isnt a boy and it isnt a girl), but tne doctor messes up and it (whatever you call that lady who thinks she not)has the baby anyway, and since they cant decide what they are themselves they put the gender of the baby as one big question mark! I think this might beat out even door hamabool.

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