New Israeli Law Will Bar Men Who Refuse to Give Their Wives a Get


The Knesset has passed a new law barring entry to men who refuse to grant a get to their wives, JTA reports.

Now, any man identified by a Diaspora Rabbinical court as a “recalcitrant husband” can be detained upon arrival in Israel, adding to current Israeli law that allows authorities to force recalcitrant husbands to comply with the decisions of Diaspora Rabbinical courts and attend divorce proceedings.

The hope is that detainment on entering Israel will now act as a deterrent to these men. Read more at The JC.

{ Israel}


  1. So now the zionistin will keep me from seeing mein kinder!!!??? Unfair so unfair. No Get No Get No geeeeeet.!!
    This is a stupid laaaaw.

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