New Israel Fund Protests Halacha Observance At Kosel


A petition against the observance of halacha at the Kosel was posted on the website of the New Israel Fund and collected the signatures of 375 rabbis.

The letter lambasted religious Jews and guards who recently stopped a group of Reform Jews and rabbis from flouting Kosel regulations and bringing private Sifrei Torah into the Kosel plaza.

It expressed support for the “colleagues who were attacked” and for Women of the Wall and anyone else “prevented from praying at the Kotel according to his or her custom.”

The Conservative Movement in the United States released a video accusing Prime Minister Netanyahu of lying when he said that “only the most ideologically charged elements” of the egalitarian Kosel deal had been frozen.

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  1. The New Israel Fund is a pro-Arab, pro-secular organization. Most funds they collect from Jews go directly to Arabs.

  2. These little groups of self hating qeustionable lefty Jews are dying out. Very soon it will be all chareidim. Things are speeding up. Even the last reform temple in Boro Park is up for sale. The conservative Emanuel on 14 ave was knocked down a number of years ago. Reform and conservative are on their last leg. All their members are sinking in quicksand. It’s incredible and sad to see their children going lost. Without authentic Torah they have no future.

  3. Woman can go to the Western Wall 24/7 and daven there as much as they want. There are separate sections for men and woman, like in every Orthodox shul.
    The secular women have decided that it’s not enough for them. They want to turn the WW into a reform temple.

  4. “It expressed support for the “colleagues who were attacked” and for Women of the Wall and anyone else “prevented from praying at the Kotel according to his or her custom.””
    My “custom” is to pray without hearing any kol isha. Are they be upset that there are people trying to prevent me from following my custom?

  5. What halacha forbids bringing one’s own Sefer Torah into the Kotel plaza? And does it reduce the amount of kol isha one hears?


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