New Image of Possible Plane Debris


malaysia6Malaysian officials said today morning that they have received new satellite images from France of a mysterious object that appears to be floating in the South Indian Ocean off the coast of Perth, Australia.

It appears similar in size to the object that has been the focus of the search for the missing Malaysian Airlines jetliner that disappeared en route to Beijing on March 8; that object was identified in Chinese satellite images on Friday.

The French photos were also taken on Friday, but show the object about 575 miles north of the previous one. Read more at BBC News.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Oh, give it up already! The plane will never be found! Its deep under the sea. Can we move on to the next story?

  2. Are you serious??? these are peoples families and friends that are missing… How about thinking in that perspective for a minute to try to imagine what they are going through. Their loved ones basically vanished and your saying they should just get over it???


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