New IDF Tutorial: “When Possible, Don’t Shoot Female Palestinian Terrorists; Neutralize Them With Krav Maga”


An official IDF tutorial video instructing soldiers to avoid shooting female terrorists whenever possible is being distributed to the rank and file of the Israeli military, Makor Rishon reports.

The purpose of the clip, produced by the Samaria Brigade, is to provide clearer guidelines to those serving in the West Bank, who have been encountering the growing phenomenon of Palestinian girls and women attempting to commit stabbing attacks

According to Makor Rishon, the clip gives a glimpse into the complexity of the situation, and illustrates why some soldiers have been complaining that their instructions are often too vague, and their room to maneuver too broad, which at times has put them at risk.

The clip explains in subtitles — below a montage of TV news broadcasts reporting on various terrorist attacks — that because the threat posed by female perpetrators is smaller than that posed by males (which is borne out by the unambiguous success at neutralizing them) their deaths at the hands of soldiers has been sparking an even greater desire in the Palestinian public for revenge. In view of this fact, the video stresses, thwarting attacks by women through early detection and Krav Maga “is preferable” to shooting them.

The video nevertheless concludes by reiterating that soldiers are permitted to shoot terrorists, as they must never put their own lives at risk unnecessarily.

“No change has been made in the rules of engagement,” the IDF spokesman told Makor Rishon.

These words were put to the test on Thursday, when a male Palestinian about to commit a stabbing attack on soldiers guarding the hitchhike post at the entrance to the community of Ofra was shot to death.

Such incidents have become routine since the beginning of the surge in Palestinian terrorism that began a year ago in September and is commonly referred to as the “stabbing” or the “lone-wolf” intifada.

Watch the IDF tutorial below:

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  1. stupidity! So she gets arrested and you have to feed her 3 meals a day in prison until the next prisoner release, where, of course, the women will be first to be released. Then, they are right back out there and will do it again. STUPID! If they attempt a stabbing, KILL THEM!

  2. How does one know “when possible” in the shock of an islamonazi attack, when time is counted in milliseconds, when a mistake might cost your life?!! Do you save your life at the cost of being persecuted by the Israeli courts or do you take a few seconds to analyze the possible non-lethal options while being stabbed and slashed? Another example of the judenrat elites sacrificing Jewish lives for political expediency.

  3. As an enlightened pro equal rights anti misogyny individual, I believe that female terrorists merit and deserve to be treated the exact same way their male counterparts are treated – shoot them until they’re neutralized, preferably dead. This is the one and only way to ensure they aren’t freed someday to (try to) kill again.

  4. How feeble minded. If the Israelis can stop the female attackers without shooting, there’ll be two consequences: the islamonazi females will triple their attacks due to having zero risk of getting hurt, the UN will whine every time that an islamonazi male has been shot – if the Israelis do possess such magical martial arts skills as to disarm a charging islamonazi female without any damage to the attacker or defender, then why shouldn’t these magical skills be applied towards the islamonazi males?

  5. There is rarely a safe way to bare-arms disarm a crazed knife attack. Most of the time, the victim sees the knife only after being stabbed a few times. Even an experienced defender is assured to get at least slashed. Don’t believe any fake martial arts instructors who try to convince otherwise. Do the following experiment: get the instructor to wear a long sleeved white shirt while another person viciously attacks with a washable marker for a minute or less – you’ll see the evidence in the form of lines and points on the white shirt. Keep in mind, the marker tip is half an inch, while a typical blade is 3 to 6 inches. Being stabbed by the marker will not impact the ability to defend against the ongoing attack, knife will. The experiment subject expects the attack, while in a real life islamonazi attack there is no warning. You are still going to count at least a dozen of slashes and stabs on that white shirt.


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