New IBM Robot Holds Convincing Debate With a Human


A new robot has held a convincing argument with a debate champion, successfully rebutting her arguments in a groundbreaking display of artificial intelligence. IBM’s Project Debater machine draws knowledge from a huge database of newspaper articles and academic journals to form arguments and rebuttals on a surprise topic.

The robot’s competitor, Noa Ovadia, who was Israel’s national debating champion in 2016, said: “I think eventually when it can do what we do but better, that’ll be great thing for the human race—for informed decision-making, for informed voting, for informed everything.” The machine took part in two debates; one on whether there should be more publicly funded space exploration, another on whether more should be invested in telemedicine technologies. Read more t BBC News.



  1. Elon Musk – a pretty smart, tech-savvy guy – fears the day computers may “take over” for us. As computers have advanced from fast counting, elementary math, code-breaking, defeating chess grandmasters to artificial intelligence we’d have to be willfully blind not to see that the day it can happen is fast approaching.


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