New Hit On The Street: Shaitel Leasing


shaitelAn Israeli wig chain has realized that the war on frum women’s pockets passes through their head. That chain recently launched a new campaign for the sector’s women: Wig leasing.

Iris Elkayam, marketing manager at Galit Italia, explains: “From now on, just like with a car, a woman will be able to pick up a new through the leasing method and enjoy different designs and full service for a monthly fee of NIS 270 shekels (about $75).

“After a while, she may decide whether to buy that particular wig or use the same method on a different one.”

According to Elkayam, during the leasing period the customers will be offered free hairstyling services at the chain’s salons.
The idea behind the campaign is to allow charedi women to try out different wigs before purchasing a permanent one, which could cost up to NIS 10,000 ($2,770).

Another reason for the campaign, Elkayam says, is men’s fear of purchasing a wig. “Wigs today cost around NIS 6,000, which means that women cannot renew their wigs for years due to the high prices. The leasing method allows them to replace their wig once a year, and includes the wig’s regular monthly treatments,” she says.

According to the chain’s workers, a great amount of interest has been recorded on the part of men, who call to inquire on the campaign’s details. “Our goal was to connect the men to the purchase, so that they know they are not paying for everything at once, and in this case we managed to alleviate their fears,” says Elkayam.

{Ynet/ Newscenter}


  1. 1. I am sure they wash and blow the wig between people which kills any lice. Also what about trying on wigs before you buy them? it is possible many people have tried on the same wig.

  2. #1: So…it’s not icky to wear hair that was actually attached to someone’s else’s head, but if a second person wore that hair afterwards, that’s suddenly a germ problem?

  3. before condemning the practice, perhaps think of those who CANNOT POSSIBLE AFFORD a new one all their own, and this takes care of that! phew! it’s an absolutely fantastic idea! kol hakavod!

  4. For all those concerned about lice:
    Lice cannot live in a sheitl. They need live hair. It is not a problem to thoroughly clean a sheitl of lice.

  5. lice cannot live off-scalp for more than a few days at most… so sheitels are not a lice problem as long as they don’t go head to head right away. Also, a good blow will take care of it.

  6. This is a wonderful idea if one can sign up short term, like a month for a special simcha. But for many people, even $900 is way too much money. It’s like leasing a car – you don’t end up with your own sheitel that you can revitalize for another few years with a good trim for that money.

  7. Yeah to #10, but nits can be stuck on a sheitel. Ask any sheitel macher how many nits they have pulled out of wigs in the past.

  8. If we are comfortable giving sheitels that are in good condition to tzedaka, why hold our noses at wearing a used sheitel ourselves?
    A drop of kyolic garlic rubbed into hair is said to keep away lice- and it doesn’t smell after its been put on.


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