New Hamas Video Taunts Israel With Threatening Message, Shows Terrorists Training to Infiltrate Jewish Communities


hamas terroristsBy R. Blum

A new Hamas video was posted this past weekend on social media, with the terrorist organization that controls the Gaza Strip demonstrating how it intends to infiltrate Israeli communities, Israeli news website Walla reported.

More specifically, the 51-second clip makes reference to Kibbutz Zikim in southern Israel, near the Gaza border.

In the video, Hamas fighters are seen conducting urban-warfare drills – running among demo buildings, one of which has “Zikim” written on it in Hebrew — with assault rifles, vehicles, explosives and tunnel-maneuvering.

Kibbutz Zikim holds particular significance to Hamas. During Operation Protective Edge in Gaza last summer Israeli security forces detected and subsequently killed five terrorists trying to infiltrate the kibbutz.

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  1. They can do what ever they want because the minute israel starts retaliating they run and hide behind all the aprons and cry foul


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