New Hamas Demand on Shalit: Presence at Egyptian Border


shalit1Tonight, Hamas made a new demand that it help patrol the border at Egypt before the terrorist organization will agree to free kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit according to WorldNetDaily. Ahmed Yousef, Hamas’s chief political advisor in Gaza, told WND reporter Aaron Klein, “There is an understanding of all powers involved that Hamas must play a role [and] that without Hamas there can be no cross-border agreement. So, yes, indirectly the U.S. and Israel admit that Hamas is a player and must be taken into consideration in any political arrangement.”Several hours earlier, Khaled Mashaal the Syrian-based overall head of Hamas, contradicted reported comments from Gaza officials that an agreement on freeing the soldier could be reached before another ceasefire pact is announced. Mashaal also rejected outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s position that the two issues are intertwined.

Prime Minister Olmert convinced the Cabinet last June to accept a six-month ceasefire with Hamas by stating that the agreement would bring about Shalit’s return to his home and family. Hamas broke the ceasefire from the first day, and no progress was made towards freeing the soldier, kidnapped nearly 1,000 days ago.

However, the outgoing prime minister said today that he intends to ask the Security Cabinet tomorrow to approve conditions for another ceasefire after completing a deal for Shalit’s release.

{WND/Arutz-7/Yair Israel}


  1. what kind of deal is this? hamas wants 1400 prisoners for 1 innocent israeli solder.on top of all else many of these hamas prisoner’s are murderers.their argumentis insanely rediculous.on top of this why does’nt hamas at least prove that he is still alive and save all negotiations till afterward.please g-d forgive me for the thought that GILAD may not be with us anymore.i hope to g-d he is i am a man of compassion,but i’m not blind.

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