New Gadget Allows One to Hold Daled Minim and Siddur With Ease


daled-minim-gadget-sukkos[Video below.] A new gadget invented by the Israeli Kanfot Hadar company is likely to make your next Sukkos a more enjoyable one. The company has come up with an innovative and practical solution to help one carry all the things he needs with him on Sukkos. These are the Daled Minim, a tallis and a  siddur/machzor, quite a balancing act.

“The new Jewish gadget is a product that grew out of a deep and tangible need in the Jewish world,” explained Ehud Natan Mor of Kanfot Hadar. “Anyone who, during Sukkot, has ever held the four species and has taken them to synagogue along with the tallit and the siddur, has felt how difficult, cumbersome, and how uncomfortable it is. Things fall, break, and are disqualified from a halachic point of view.”

It was out of this need that Kanfot Hadar came up with the Daled Minim kit, explained Natan Mor.

“The kit brings a practical solution to this complication and on the other hand maintains what we are required to do: to keep the glory and splendor of Sukkot,” he said.

The kit is made up of two main parts: The kit itself has a base to which a box for the esrog is connected with a strong magnet, and also has a stand for the lulav, hadasim and aravos. The stand is put into the base and is closed from the top by a protector. A sponge which is located at the base of the lulav protector can be wet with water to maintain the freshness of the Daled Minim.

In addition, there is also a carrier, into which the Daled Minim kit is inserted. The carrier also has two pockets, one for the tallis and one for the siddur. The kit, resembling nothing so much as a viola or gutar case, can be carried on the back or by hand, depending on what each person is comfortable with.

Natan Mor added that Kanfot Hadar has shown the kit to most of Israel’s renowned rabbonim.

“We’ve shown it to most of Israel’s great rabbonim, and we’re still in the process of showing it to the rest,” he said. “The rabbonim saw the product and they were happy with it. It’s not a halachic issue, but it is important that we visited them.”

Click below for a video report:

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{See Arutz Sheva/ Newscenter}


  1. I can’t see my husband carrying around that whole caboodle. He never had a problem carrying his lulav and esrog before., But, I guess for those who like trying new things, why not?

  2. Oh get real! We’ve been doing this for almost 3,000 years and now we need a gadget to do it? Give the money to Masbia and continue doing it like Zeidy did it.

  3. Where is the pocket for the tefillin, for those of us who wear tefillin on Choul HaMouayd Succous?

    Interesting idea though!

  4. while this is a wonderful thing created & made to make mitzvos of Hashem work out & make things easier.
    however each of these bew gadgets that come out make the mitzvos of the torah lighter & lighter (ex. shabbos timers & clocks & lights etc.. with just a setting or a turn of the light holder the place is dark MAKING THE KEDUSHA OF SHABBOS LIGHTER & THE HOLINESS LEAVING THE PERSONS HOME) how does a person feel the kedusha when everything is automatic?

    in today’s generation with B”H all the amazing & wonderful technology that Hashem created. the holiness & kedusha of the mitzvos are hardly & felt & is almost gone R”L

  5. But then you need a place to put the top part when you use the Lulav. So instead of worrying where to put you Lulav & Esrog,m you will need to worry where to put your silver top.

    Next gadget please

  6. This is enough to make Inspector Gadget become Frum. Does it turn into a Shayna Coat or Tefilin Sweater???


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