New for This Year: OU Kitniyos Pesach Certification

5 has learned of a recent development in the Pesach hashgacha of the Orthodox Union for this year. Previously, the OU has not issued hashgacha for retail kitniyos products for Pesach, despite requests to do so. This was avoided over the concern that different Pesach symbols might confuse consumers.

The OU has this year, on a limited basis, authorized the certification, see in the graphic above, to appear on kitniyos products.

The symbol is presented in such manner so as to avoid any confusion and the packages will not indicate kosher for Pesach except as indicated in the wording of the accompanying explanatory message

This decision was taken at the urging of the OU’s poskim to benefit many kitniyos consumers who relied on various assumptions – rather than actual hashgacha – for kitniyos Pesach products.

{Dovid Newscenter}


  1. Finally … it’s about time. Yasher Koach to the OU. I hope that other hashgochos will follow.

  2. about time the us caught up to israel on this one. here, we’ve had hashgochoh on kitniyios products as long as i could remember; in fact, the non-kitniyos had the special note- “kasher l’pesach l’lo chashash kitniyios”.

  3. Great idea. Hopefully this will be the first step to breaking down the “kitniyot is chametz” mentality in the U.S., and the eventual abandioning of this irrelevant and damaging minhag.

  4. To #3:

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    I think that we can all agree that if the Gaon was so incredibly makpid on this “irrelevant and damaging” minhag that there is no reason to scoff at it.

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