New Food Allergy Website Caters To Kosher Consumers


kosher The number of food sensitive kosher consumers is on the rise and the kosher food industry is taking note. More and more kosher products that are gluten free, lactose free, and allergen free are finding their way on supermarket shelves to service this expanding market. While this trend is encouraging, the kosher allergic consumer is left with a daunting task of finding the appropriate resources and customizing them to their needs.

To aid them in their task, Tamar Warga, a veteran food allergy Mom, has developed a kosher food allergy The site has extensive resources including links to allergy organizations, online support forums, a kosher allergy friendly restaurant directory, guidelines for schools and camps, specific information for the most common allergens, and cooking substitutions to replace common allergens. There’s also an extensive allergy-oriented coupon section. In addition, there’s an informative blog that’s chockful of Jewish minded allergy tips, suggestions, and recipes. Another welcomed feature is the allergist Q and A section.

{Noam Newscenter}


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