New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Awarded The “Jewish Nobel Prize”


The Genesis Prize Foundation announced Wednesday that Robert Kraft, the US philanthropist and owner of the New England Patriots football team, is the winner of its 2019 prize of $1 million, citing his “commitment to Israel, social justice, and equality.”

“For decades, Kraft has spoken out publicly and donated generously to organizations combating prejudices, including anti-Semitism and the delegitimization of the State of Israel,” the foundation said in a statement.

The Genesis Prize, dubbed the “Jewish Nobel,” honors individuals who serve as an inspiration to the next generation of Jews through their outstanding professional achievement and commitment to Jewish values and the Jewish people.

According to the Genesis statement, Kraft and his various foundations have donated nearly $500 million to charities, with a focus on education, healthcare, interfaith understanding, and promoting cultural diversity, many of them Jewish of Israeli causes.

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  1. With Mr. Kraft being worth approx. $6,200,000,000.00 dollars, I wonder how he plans on spending his 1 million dollar prize?

  2. Lucky man. So neat to be refined. Gold only apply.

    The funny thing is that this Genesis Prize has one community object. Elevating the man’s honor despite that Heaven real Genesis is not a prize but a family.

    The humor is given. But when the only jewish achievement in Torah is their circumcision; its odd irate to consider that the Genesis Prize society and any other has any sense.

    Torah Values are why jews are honored. The real honor is heaven.

    I guess with a “Jewish Value”, its anything that has cash in hand, philanthropy in the heart and no war with Esav.

    I will choose Torah Values. Esau cringes. This guy will do well. A good career and good money. What more. Honor him. We are fit.

  3. It is so funny. The Deuteronomy Prize is even better. We give it to the men who have watched too much football. They might be glad he got the Genesis Prize. Somewhere in between, Leviticus, Numbers and Exodus are all sitting up.

    Algebra says nuts.

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