New Defense Lawyer For Killer Levi Aron Speaks Out: “We Don’t Believe in Lynch Mobs”


pierre-bazile-levi-aronThe new lawyer for the man who killed hayeled Leiby Kletzky z”l talked to reporters for the first time today. Attorney Jennifer McCann joined the defense team for Levi Aron on Friday.

Another lawyer stepped down, saying the details of the crime were too much to handle, but McCann says her client is innocent until proven guilty.

“I understand people are outraged by what is a horrific, horrific crime, and they believe they found who’s guilty and they believe he should be punished and they don’t appreciate anyone who wants to spend his rights,” said McCann. “But this isn’t a country where we believe in shooting galleries and lynch mobs.”

Aron is charged with murder and kidnapping.

He pleaded not guilty.

{NY1/ Newscenter}


  1. Can we not call a halt to all this kneejerk hatred of anyone and anything connected with Levi Aron’s defense, please?

    Jennifer McCann is as much of a professional as a physician, for example, or a surgeon. She is dispassionately performing a task that has been allotted to her.

    It is all a classic example of ???? ???? ????? – and it has no place here. It is infantile and illogical.

  2. Sure they are gonna play cards and see if they get a good hand. Never mind that the man was caught red handed because we dont believe in lynch mobs !!!!!

  3. she is not disgracful she believes in her law i i wish we were on her level of firm belief in the letter of the law….this man is not supposed to die in halacha! we must trust the law it is true dvar hashem this lady is a beautifukl pciture of how we should be

  4. We have to do what we can to punish this murderer and make sure he doesnt commit any other crime; however we must remember that Hachem is The true judge and he will give each one of us what we deserve.

  5. Miss McCann, we don’t appreciate anyone who sells their soul for a few bucks. What’s your motive other than greed?? So don’t step up and preach to good American citizens how they ought to behave and speak.

  6. I actually think she’s much more on target then most people who have been commenting here (duck!!)

  7. I actually think she’s much more on target than most people who have been commenting here sadly enough

  8. your headline is outrageous. it should say alleged killer. you are a frum website so i assume you understand the concept of dina dmalchuta dina. in this country, one is presumed innocent until proven guilty. even in such a horrific case. you have no right to call him a killer. he has not been convicted. and if you think this doesn’t matter or is a technicality, i hope you are never on trial for anything. it is wrong for you to convict someone before a fair trial. you are engaging in mob and ugly justice shame on you.

  9. what kind of evidence do you need ?. He admitted to smothering and cutting up an innocent child ! When asked by the police he pointed to the freezer and referred to the dumpster -He threw out a “TZELEM ELOKIM ‘ with the trash . he didnt just kill one soul – he cut into the whole klal .

  10. How pathetic. Her comments are solely to gear up for the insanity defense and somehow bring sympathy from the public. I find her sickening. Maybe if this country did ” believe in lynch mobs” we would stop seeing so much of this ignorance and revolting people like her helping those individuals get away with murder. He drugged, killed and dismembered a child. Then kept a token- his feet in the fridge. The acts of a true serial killer. Let’s not forget that. It would not surprise me if he was not the only person in that home aware of what was going on. I have respect for the attorney who left. It’s a career and there are some moral lines that people with integrity do not cross. Let the other attorneys sell their souls. At least one had a shred of decency.

  11. Hey #12- Dina demalchusa just says that in a COURT OF LAW YOU ARE PRESUMED INNOCENT… It doesnt say that must presume…or that OJ is innocent

  12. 1. A person is also innocent (muchzak b’kashrut) until proven guilty in Halacha.

    2. It could be that he has the din of a shotteh. If so and he is a danger to society he should be kept under treatment until and unless he is cured.

  13. She is right that one is innocent until proven guilty.

    However, being caught red-handed – quite literally – with all of the evidence in one’s apartment, taking police to the body and confessing – well, that sounds like proven guilty to me even if the case has not yet gone to court.

    We, too, do not believe in lynch mobs. But we do believe in locking up a confessed murderer who has proven himself a menace to society. To try to lessen his sentence by putting up an insanity plea is one thing. To try to maintain his pure innocence is quite another.

  14. I wish I could believe in our justice system, but our justice system does not work. Rabbi Rubashkin sits in jail with no chance of bail, yet thousands of sickos are walking the streets waiting for trial. How many stories have you read lately about people who served 30 years or more for crimes they did not commit? Thankfully with DNA evidence, they are finally proven innocent. I know we have no bettter system, but if you think this alleged killer will get a fair trial from our justice system, you have more faith than I do. Hashem will be the ultimate prosecutor, and truth teller.

  15. Why are people getting outraged by this new attorney’s first statement? It is a standard lawer’s speech upon taking on any new case. It is doubtful that she believes it herself, nor does she expect anyone else to.Most lawers declare their clients innocent, the truth will come out, etc. It would be one incompetent attorney who doesn’t even pretend to believe they have a small chance of winning their case.

  16. I can’t believe these people who defend the lawyers on the ground that “they are doing their job”.The Nazi SS guards defended themselves the same way.So do mafia hit men.If you take a job that in theory would help a murderer to go loose you are a party to murder.No if, and, or but.

    I say this as someone who does believe LA should have a fair trial to establish the facts.

  17. emes matters (number 12)
    He admitted to the crime. The evidence is indisputible. His own legal team don’t dispute that he is the killer.
    The ONLY question remaining is: was he or is he in complete control of his faculties when he committed these crimes, or now when it’s time for him to stand trial.
    He is not the alleged murderer, he IS the murderer.
    Only a wayward liberal would call the headline outrageous.

  18. she is not trying to make money here. she is trying to get him off so that when a rich killer needs a lawyer they will hire her


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