New Chumra? Sign Put Up Requesting No One Feed The Birds For Fear Of Spreading Chametz



  1. Why cant you feed the birds Pesach stuff?? That will solve the immediate problem and other will now be able to assume that the spread non chimera???

    • Please elaborate what differentiates between a chumra and a halacha. Next, is there a chumra you have to keep as halacha (example kitniyot for ashkenazis). And once your at it, Please explain the issue this note writer has with this chametz. ie, is this just having chametz on her property on pesach or is there a bigger issue that she perhaps didn’t want to elaborate on (which you surely know).

      You don’t have to post your findings, But please get a bit more familiar with your heritage. It’s really full with real and deep meaning. You’ll be amazed with the logic and arguments on both sides to many issues.

  2. what’s your point? Just to make fun of other people?
    It’s quite common for people to get nervous and anxious about Pesach and Chometz. It’s likely they suffer from anxiety or possibly OCD, and can’t help themselves. What should be done is, you should just respectfully adhere to their request, and move on with your life. It is certainly not something to call attention to, and potentially cause someone embarrassment.
    We got so caught up with social media, and forget about other people’s feelings and suffering. For a little bit of attention we are willing to post just about anything. This is probably, in my opinion, one of the biggest issues of social media.

    • @ A licensed social worker
      you are right about respecting people and not to forget their feelings. At the same time time you are WRONG!!!! to say “It’s likely they suffer from anxiety or possibly OCD” . you need to learn more about how to analyze a situation before treating someone. READ THE SIGN! it says “they spread it …on our pesach’digeh food” probably means this has Already happened!!! maybe happened many times! – and so its basic common sense to try to stop it! not anxiety and certainly NOT OCD!!!
      [ btw if anything it might be a little yiras shamayim but thats a separate point]

    • Guess still an unlicensed dayan.

      Go educate yourself, Halacha discusses this issue. Please do everyone a favor go check the halacha as well as discuss it with this person. Licensed social worker is not a license to ignorantly diagnose people not directly in the realm of your profession. This is especially true if you didn’t interview this person.

      • yes unfortunately even frum social workers dont always know how to recognize when something they are taught in school is wrong al pi torah.
        also you wrote It’s likely they can’t help themselves. unfortunately often clients are told this, when it really means “u need help i.e. me and i cant help you unless you come for x amount of sessions”, but if they had a beter torah perspctive [ which they didnt learn anywhere] it would be unnecessary, and not costly.

  3. READing the sign, it seems that people have already had this happen to them. they found chametz on their cleaned for passover porches .. on passover producs being stored there… obviously very frustrating etc. nothing to do with a chumrah!!!!

  4. Based on the fact that there is no need for Bedikas Chometz on outdoor areas unless you KNOW that there is Chometz there, it should be pretty obvious that the porch is not the best place to leave your Pesachdig food. Store food where birds etc. can’t get to it!

  5. Dont feed your unvaxxed neighbor , for fear of them spreading their measles in the neighborhood! Dont judge ne
    I”m OCD when it comes to measles and other childhood diseases!

    • Please check your facts prior to calling another fellow jew a name. Eating chametz carries a punishment of Karet, doesn’t matter you own it or not. Additionally, Bittul doesn’t work on matter not under your ownership at time of bittul. Same goes for mechirat chametz. Please do yourself a favor and don’t announce your ignorance. Learned people (which I do NOT qualify) wouldn’t negate this point let alone belittle one for having this thought.

  6. I once had a bird or a squirrel deposit a bagel on my porch on the first day of pesach, luckily 2 hours later another one came and took it.

  7. It’s taka a noreidike Inyan but to Stan kvetch arein Yomim v’layla for pashut no taam is taka a absolutely absurd aspect of all human found normalcy’s


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