New Charedi City Approved In The Negev


chareidimThe Israeli National Planning and Building Commission’s committee for principle planning matters today approved the establishment of the city of Kassif, which will house 50,000 charedim at Tel Arad in the Negev. The plan will now go to the National Commission for approval.

Ministry of Housing and Construction, under Minister Ariel Atias (Shas), initiated the plan. The first stage of Kassif involves 10,000 housing units on a 4,750-dunam (1,188-acre) site.

The planning document states that the land zoning and internal land use are based on the charedi lifestyle. The apartments will be fairly large, extensive land has been zoned for religious schools and religious cultural centers. Land has also been zoned for suitable employment for the charedi population.

Net population density balances the necessary apartment size for large charedi families in multistory buildings without elevators, with these families’ limited financial wherewithal. Average housing density will be four units per dunam (16 per acre), compared with seven apartments per dunam (28 per acre) for secular families.

{Globes/Yair Israel}


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