New California Law Allows Jail Time For Using Wrong Gender Pronoun


California health care workers who “willfully and repeatedly” decline to use a senior transgender patient’s “preferred name or pronouns” could face punishments ranging from a fine to jail time under a newly signed law.

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed the legislation last week.

The sponsor, Democratic state Sen. Scott Wiener, has argued adamantly that nobody is going to be criminally prosecuted for using the wrong pronoun.

“It’s just more scare tactics by people who oppose all LGBT civil rights and protections,” he said in a statement last month.

Many people came out against the bill, with California Family Council’s Greg Burt, calling it a violation of free speech.

“How can you believe in free speech, but think the government can compel people to use certain pronouns when talking to others?” Read more at Fox News.



    • You is very “offensive” to an it that wanys to be called “they”. Under this Sedominite law, you may not call a wierdo “you”.

  1. According to the sponsor of the bill “has argued adamantly that nobody is going to be criminally prosecuted for using the wrong pronoun.” then why are they going to be jailed if it is not a criminal offense?

  2. This is a natural step in the fall of this world into the depths of the cesspool. Once the media and the Liberals shoved the legalization of gay marriage down our throats, neutral gender bathrooms was the next step. Now the Thought Police have added an additional feather under their cap. Sick wicked people like Harvey Weinstein were the supporters of gay marriage. Now THEY have been exposed for the vile pigs that they truly are.
    No yireh

  3. Glee club is now the soul of California.

    I can think simply that if one has a genotype, it determines his or her gender. I studied science.

    If we have to discuss who is right here, is it the scientist or the cognitive psychologist, we might want to call the transgender by their preferred gender pronoun. The scientist will always know it is scientifically wrong but psychologically seemingly right.

    In all, these are people who maim their exterior body which goes against Torah values in all sense and they become very disabled feelings in a community when it comes to an orthodox sight of the human feeling.

    No matter how you slice them or dice their external genitalia (cv’s) or pump them with hormones, their EYES will always be the same Eye of either a male of a female that you are know to know they were born.

    Look closely at one.

    So if you are religious, a woman is still a she and a man is still a he.

    It is a forced feeling of He is a she and she is a he for the sake of a very emotionally yet proper minded person yet to fully understand his own true gender yet in a society of much progressive charm to some of these people who may indeed have human rights, we can err and make them feel better just for the hour they live. In my prayer to Hashem, I will use the proper pronoun and I do not think I should go to prosecution for the fact that a prayer MUST be orthodox.

    So funny is it. We live in a force you push you world. That is not the way that Jews examine the holocaust.

    Another choice is simple. Employ one or do not. They may contribute or just be a distracted unorthodox feeling for the community.

    My last experience with a transgendered woman to man was a “man” who demanded to shake my hand. I am shomer negiah and accidentally shook. I offered charity to reverse the negative feeling.

    So welcome to the future. We have surgeons and endocrinologists and warfare for the common pronoun. It was never to be expected.


  4. “”The sponsor, Democratic state Senator . Scott WIENER…..

    Another WIENER, another genius !!!

    Refuah Sheleima to ALL WIENRRs

  5. With every one of these G’zeiros Ra’os – Venomous Edicts, Rachmana Litzlan, that are enacted by the severely evil Governor Edmund Gerald “Jerry” Brown, Junior, Yimach Shemo V’Zichro, along with the severely evil Lieutenant Governor Gavin Christopher Newsom, Yimach Shemo V’Zichro, and the numerous severely evil pro-Toeiva members of the California State Legislature, Yimach Shemam V’Zichram, this section of the country is rapidly throwing away the status of a “Sweet Land of Liberty” to instead be a “Very Sick Land of Outright Sinister Tyranny”!!!!!!!!!


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