NEW AGE INVITATIONS: Wedding Invites Now Featuring Pictures of the Baalei Simcha



  1. Disgusting. Disgrace. Chillul Hashem. What a breach of tznius! And this is starting with Chassidim, not Litvish?! Where will this end? I guess as long as you consume only chalav yisroel with 20 heimishe hechsherim on the package, it’s a rayah that you are a kadosh and everything else you do in life is beseder.

  2. Well, if they can add a photo of the deceased on the matzeiva, why not on a wedding invitation?

    If this will be the new norm for invitations, how will divorced parents go about it?

  3. Why not? This way you can recognize the baal simcha who might have a generic Jewish name like Moshe Cohen or Chaya Levy. Simchaspot has pictures of engaged couples, why not the invitation? I think its a great idea, although it should come after changing the nusach of “Mr Cohen Vraayaso” which truly leaves you confounded as to whose wedding you have been invited, especially when you are friendly with Mrs Vraayaso and have no idea what her spouse’s name is.

  4. This makes a whole load of sense. You cant have an image of a women in a publication even an obscure one, but you can put pictures of couples on an invitation for the guests to stare at? I’m sure there will be separate entrances at the wedding to top their frumkeit off

  5. Doesn’t everyone realize the lack of tzinuis in sending pictures out of a young kallah and other women. Put aside the extra money involved, we have become so insensitive to the boundaries of tzinuis that sending pictures out a new coming fashion. Sending out pictures for bochurim to look at before they go out with a girl may have started this trend.

  6. Gullible people here.
    Theres no name on the invitation…am I to assume I have to figure out whose invite this is based on the photos? This is a joke…calm down.

  7. How about photos of the food being served? This way we could choose which soup, main dish and dessert. Doing so would save the ballei Simcha money as the caterer could custom make the guests desired meal!


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