New Ad War in Brooklyn, As Pomegranate, Glatt Mart and Landau’s Go At It


flatbush1Kosher supermarkets are suddenly showing chefs in action and promoting recipes as opposed to the traditional catalogue-like list of discounts that is more common for the supermarket industry. Pomegranate, which opened in Flatbush last August, promotes its store through full page color ads in Jewish weeklies such as Yated and Hamodia which reach the major Jewish communities of New York. Each week the ads highlight a different part of the store, such as its meats, take-out, dips, cheeses, and produce.

Competitors like Glatt Mart and Landau’s have also taken to advertising that focuses more on branding than on discounted items. Industry sources say that Pomegranate’s approach has revolutionized the marketing programs of kosher retailers. They say that the ads are contributing to creating an image for the stores that go well beyond the traditional pricing attributes. Pomegranate has also managed to attract a clientele from well beyond Flatbush, competing with such Boro Park gourmet stores like Landau’s and Manhattan’s upscale kosher outlets.

{Kosher Today/ Newscenter-Elisha Ferber}


  1. And who says we haven’t gotten Americanized? “Branding” is one of the hallmarks of American-style consumerism – focus on trivialities rather than substance.

    Pretty pictures beating out true values for cash-strapped families – just what we need.

    And these are the people who assur the internet because it brings “outside values” into our homes.

    Sorry – the advertising industry is already there.

  2. That’s very true, Rachel R. I was even there myself at the grand internet assuring meeting, led by Mr. Pomengranate, chaired by Mr. Glatt Mart, and spearheaded by Mr. Landaus.

    What a sight! All three brought samples of their best stuff, and together composed a jingle assuring the internet while munching on goodies.

    So Rachel R, whose imagination gets the prize, yours or mine? 🙂

  3. Advertising is the way of the world.
    Yeshivos, Day Schools, Publishers, Shuls and Jewish organizations are all at the cutting edge of advertising for individuals, funds, grants and popularity. This is the breath of society. Consumers need to research and decide.

  4. what pomegranate has done most stores can also do (aside from the parking) what they have is superb customer service big clean aisles pleasant lighting and atmosphere and a good selection of product. While yes they do also have many specialty items especially in their fish and meat departments, 90% of shopping is for the basics Milk fruit cereal shabbos supplies etc.. and they make sure that there are not items on the shelf past the due dates. I have found their prices on most staple items to be fairly competitive. What they have done is simply using seichel and good marketing. A frum family spends hundreds of dollars a week on food and Shabbos products if i am spending so much of my money the store should show some care for the customer

  5. The less we the consumers base our ultimate decision on ads. The less stores will pay for ads. They will try to attract us with better products/prices. The more the store pays, the more the consumer pays. This is true about sneakers , beer , everything.

  6. Are you looking to change the world (why not?)? Check to your right the column of advertisements on the Matzav site, advertising helps business, keeps monopolies from arising and are good for consumers.

    In POMEGRANATE you can shop without bumping into customers of the opposite gender. That is worth bucks to me.

  7. I hear that ALLE’s partners are also financially involved with pomogranate, does that give the an edge or a wedge?

  8. I shop in Shoprite & Waldbaums. I wait for the sales on the groceries I need and I stock up.

    I don’t have that silly sign in front of my house saying “Don’t place flyers etc…”. I wait for the Marketeer each week to see whats on sale and I save save save save!
    I don’t fall for that – because the local store owner is “heimish”, so I am mechuyav to get ripped off. Sorry!

  9. Go Pomegranate Go!! I was a big critic when they opened and for no reason. I’d say “Who do they think they are? Who needs this? Why do they need to compete and raise the standards that will be demanded otf the others now? etc. etc.” Bottom line is, they’re a great store. They simply outdid everyone else. They’re take-out dept. is better than any take-out, they’re fish dep’t. better than any fish store etc. THAT my friends is impressive and to be commended, If it ain’t for you, then don’t go there, but if you like a comfortable enjoyable shopping experience and consistently better stuff (try the dips, herrings, p’tcha…) go to Pomegranate!! (Though, I must admit I still love Glatt Mart… service is much more personal than Pomegranate, great meats, and one thing that Pomegranmate doesn’t make yet, broiled liver.)Oy, gashmiyus, gashmiyus… B”h B”h B”h… Ess mein kind…

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