Never Get Sick: Take a Cold Shower


showerAlicia Potter of Health Magazine reports that Gwendolyn Witherspoon, 54, of Baltimore, came across her stay-healthy secret – an icy shower – during a power outage. A year later, she says her chilly regimen keeps her cold-free and her energy level higher than ever.

The scientific jury’s still out on cold showers, but Mary Ann Bauman, MD, author of Fight Fatigue: Six Simple Steps to Maximize Your Energy, says there’s no harm in trying. Devotees claim cold showers help with low energy, migraines, circulation, and pain reduction, in addition to enabling women to age gracefully.

Make cold showers work for you: Try small doses. Adam Keroter limits his 10-minute cold showers to summertime; in the winter, he opts for a 1-minute blast at the end of a warm shower. Consult your doctor if you have cardiovascular problems, because the sudden chill can cause a spike in blood pressure.

{Health Magazine/Noam Newscenter}



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