Neturei Karta Leaders Give Iranian Foreign Minister A Gift During His Visit To NY


On Friday, a delegation of 10 members of Neturei Karta met with Dr. Javad Zarif, Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, in NYC during his visit to attend the United Nations General Assembly.

In his speech at the meeting, R’ Yisroel Dovid Weiss thanked Dr. Zarif for his longtime friendship with Jewish people of his country and worldwide. He expressed his thanks for the respect and protection the Islamic Republic of Iran extends to its Jewish citizens, despite any criticism it has for the Zionist State and the occupation of Palestine. “This is a true example of the teachings of the late Ayatollah Khomeini, who was very clear in differentiating between Judaism and Zionism. Iran does this naturally, not for advertisement,” Weiss commented.

While praising the Iranian regime which supports terror worldwide, R’ Weiss also made it a point to condemn Prime Minister Netanyahu and the State of Israel.

“We are tremendously pained by the ongoing Zionist provocations against Iran. During Netanyahu’s speech to the UNGA, in which he spoke sharply against Iran, we held public demonstrations stating that he and his state do not speak in the name of world Jewry.”

After Weiss concluded his remarks, senior rabbis of his delegation joined him in presenting a gift to the Foreign Minister, a silver item with the inscribed text:

“With the help of the Almighty.To Your Excellency Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran. As a token of appreciation for your exceptional and continuous friendship to the Jewish people worldwide. From a delegation of Rabbis of the anti-Zionist Jewish community of New York. Presented by Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss of Neturei Karta International, October 5, 2018.”



  1. “R’ Yisroel Dovid Weiss thanked Dr. Zarif for his longtime friendship with Jewish people of his country” Which country? Can’t be Israel because they’re against it.

    Is the shawl they got from the Arabs part of their daily shemona begadim?

  2. As heart-rending as this is, as great a chillul HaShem it may be implying a great chasm exists among / between / within the eternal Jewish people to whom the great and holy land of Israel was promised and to whom it will eventually pass as an eternal inheritance, nonetheless, it is important to remember that, historically, all Gedolei Yisroel – chasidish, Litvish, Poilish, Hungarian, German, those of the Agudah and those of the Eidah HaChareidis – were of the belief that a Jewish State was not, at the present, a good or even permitted idea and that angering “our cousins” is not advised, etc. The machlokes was only what to do once The State was a foregone conclusion.

  3. Although meeting with Iranian leaders is for sure not appropriate, they are correct that Netanyahu and the secular state of Israel does not speak for Judaism or the Jewish people.

    Sadly this “jewish” state even allows 20,000 people to walk through Yerushalayim at a toeva pride parade. That sure does not sound very Jewish too me. Hashem yerachaim!

    • (1)The state of Israel certainly does not speak for Yiddiskeit but they do not claim to.

      (2)There are plenty on anti frum, anti Torah organizations in America who claim to speak for all American Jews. (Most of them are also anti Zionist) They can protest them instead of going across the world to protest the state of Israel

      (3)There is no reason to involve goyim in issues we have other Yidden. And certainly not anti-Semites.

      A English anti-Zionist book written last summer is now a MAJOR hit on the anti-Semitic websites. (I’m told)

  4. why call them neturei karta, when Satmar organized a protest of THOUSANDS saying the exact same thing, call them what they are Satmar.

  5. SICK SICK SICK Its one thing to hold that there should be no medina. To protest against Neyanyahu. But its beyond the pale to kiss up to jew haters and to also give them gifts????? DISGUSTING.

  6. Gang warfare gold.

    Maybe they will get their shining wage in heaven. I pray they have 72 virgins too. It might excuse us for not wanting any of them to marry into our family.


  7. To ah bitter gelechter!
    Sorry but loi seh’choneim means not to give to an arab ownership of land in israel like arabs have today. Please apply this violation to the israeli government.

  8. They are just misguided people unfortunately but why all the hate ( the thing that bothers me the most is that they are enemies of the Americans as well so what’s with hisgaros beumos to America this malchus shel chesed )

  9. It is about time that the whole world realize once and for all that Neturei Karta and all other similar lunatic communities are not Judaism!

    They are mindless cults that idolize ignorance and stupidity!

    Their ignorance extends to Jewish subjects as well and it is abysmal. They do not understand Halacha (Minha 20 min after the shkia!) do not know Tanach, pray in pidgin Hebrew and have no knowledge of the language.

    What these psychopaths are practicing is not Judaism–it is a perpetual costume carnival (cum mafia)!

    It is no wonder that they always turn up in the middle of hillul hashem scandals — they have no real Torah.

    I really pity their children who are deprived of both worlds.

    As far as their leaders are concerned, I will grant them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they are mentally unbalanced, and not something worse.

    A very orthodox litvak

  10. Rabbosaiy!
    Please these people might not be like us, do things that we don’t approve of. And so much more!
    However comments like “there is a special place in hell for these people” and putting jews in quotes is not to be tolerated. I have no idea what heter Matzav has for approving comments like these. Rabbosaiy! These people are still our brothers though the many differences WE ARE BROTHERS! Stop the fighting like babies! Do something with your life and stop posting disgusting comments on media sites! Has anyone here ever learned Hilchas Lashon Hara??! Where it says Lashon Harah is included in writing Lashon Hara?! Ay, your going to say “these people are opikorsim” according to you maybe,but to the al-mighty as long as they are davening, learning and doing Mitzvos they are just like you and me.
    Disclaimer: I am not Neturei Karta or Satmer. A regular Ashkenazi person I am.

  11. There is a heter on exposing malshinim who make my survival and your survival more miraculious every day. During the holecaust – ever heard of KAPOS??? They probably killed as much jews as nazis and they were ” JEWS” !!!!!


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