Neturei Karta Leader Thanks PA for Protecting Jewish Visitors


In response to a report that a group of Jews with no army escort had reached Shechem and was on the way to Kever Yosef, the IDF contacted the PA to coordinate an evacuation of the visitors without bloodshed. The answer they got was unexpected: the visitors were Neturei Karta Jews visiting Shechem by courtesy of the PA.

“We travel to Kever Yosef from time to time,” Neturei Karta leader Yisroel Meir Hirsch told BeChadrei Chareidim. “As we have done in the past, we contacted the PA and received authorization to enter under their security.”

“Why should we apply to the IDF?” he asked. “The PA is in control.”

{ Israel News}


  1. Interesting. What a bashert story. You can never tell how the Aibishter will send his yeshua. Lemaaseh, those people were totally irresponsible to go to Shechem without any prior arrangements.

    • The word you want is “foment”. And to answer your question, because those who support the cruel murderers of our fellow Jews are resha’im and deserving of out hate.

  2. The more I hear how the israeli government persecuted religious Jews them more I think neturei karta has a point. A government that claims to be jewish but despises Torah is not authentic Judaism. Now they are drafting girls into mixed units in the army and even have begun mixing the bathrooms. This is outrageous. Jerusalem is increasing in sabbath violations from week to week. So much rebellion going on and I think it’s very unsafe to live there.

    • You think that the neturei karta are innocent !! They have not one gasoline backing them!! They use very contradictory means to get their message out, and tell on other Jews to Palestinian murderers !! They are complete sickos with blood on their hands ! Shame on these people that call themselves frum Jews , they are an embarrassment to us.

    • Neturei karta are harmless.
      Maybe, maybe not. What’s 100% clear is that these supporters of genocidal anti-Semites are resha’im.

  3. Neturei Karta Leader Thanks PA for Protecting Jewish Visitors
    Their beloved P.A. didn’t do too good a job of protecting Rabbi Hillel Lieberman z”l (a father of seven young children and a childhood playmate of mine) at Kever Yosef. But then, N.K. only cares about two groups: 1) Themselves and 2) Those who aspire to murder Jews.

  4. The government of israel don’t protect Jews. They release hundreds of convicted Arab murderers only to kill Jews again. It looks like the PA does a better job protecting religious Jews than the secular pork eating government.


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