Neturei Karta Leader Moshe Hirsch Passes Away


moshe-hirschMoshe Hirsch, one of the leaders of the radical group who have hijacked the name “Neturei Karta” for their anti-Zionist efforts, has passed away following an illness that had him hospitalized earlier in the year at Bikur Cholim Medical Center. He died this afternoon at his Meah Shearim home.

Hirsch, a son-in-law of Rav Aharon Katzenelenbogen, founder of Neturei Karta, was born in New York and later learned at Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ. Legend has it that he was roommates with Rabbi Meir Kahane and Shlomo Carlebach.

Hirsch, a leader of the smaller and more radical group within Neturei Karta, endorsed Yasser Arafat, the Palestine Liberation Organization and, later, the Palestinian Authority as the rightful rulers of the Land of Israel.

He often met Arafat and was viewed as his friend. So great was their friendship that Arafat appointed Hirsch as a Palestinian cabinet minister.

He is survived by his sons and daughters, including Yisroel Meir Hirsch, publisher of Siddur Vilna, who continue to follow his ideology, meeting with senior Palestinian Authority terrorist officials.

The levaya will take place at 6 p.m. from Bais Haknesses Yeshuos Yaakov in Meah Shearim. Hirsch will be interred on Har Hazeisim.

 {Yair Israel}


  1. “Legend has it that he was roommates with Rabbi Meir Kahane and Shlomo Carlebach.”

    It sounds like a joke, but if true with roommates like them I could understand how someone ends up so far extreme the other way.

  2. Levaya info:
    Levaya leaving from Jabrila refugee camp at 2:00
    Kevra will take place in Gaza in the Yasser Arafat Chelka.
    Hespedim to be delivered by Abu Mazen & Ismael Hania

  3. This is a terrible loss to our people! He was a great great man. A true visionary. He will be sorely missed. At least now I can see him every day next to me, down here. Welcome back my good old friend.

  4. To all Kanaim out there:

    Moshe Hirsch was a Geshmaker Yid. He had a great sense of humor. He was purim rov at BMG ( there’s a famous picture of him FARSHTELT sitting between R’Ahron and R’ Noson ZTKL ). He nebach was very MISGUIDED.

    The lesson: Comedians should not take themselves seriously.

  5. R. Moshe Hirsch seemed to have been a visionary ahead of his times.

    When he met with Arab murderers in a move that he believed was necessary to ensure that Yiddishkeit would endure, he was maligned.

    Yet merely a few years later Zionist leaders were doing just the same thing, meeting with Arafat, shaking his hand and smiling for photo shoots. [Some even received the Nobel peace prize for doing this!] All those Israelis who maligned R. Hirsch should either have been beating a path to his door to apologize, or alternatively, should have heaped the same vitriol they had for R. Hirsch on their own Zionist leaders for meeting and talking to an arch-terrorist.

    But no, this never happened. Why? The answer is there seems to be a here a double standard, one that is applied to Charedim and one that is applied to Zionists.

    If anyone out there has a different explanation for this anomaly, I’m willing to hear it.

  6. Bikur Cholim Medical Center is funded by Tzioni money
    Bikur Cholim Medical Center is staffed by Tzioni trained doctors paid by tzioni money
    why didnt the followers demand that he be treated in Gaza by Gaza trained doctors
    I pray that the ribono shel olam have rachmunes on the soul of the heateful misguided person

  7. by the way the article is mistaken his son who wrote the siddur vilna never met with the plo and does not follow his ideology

  8. R’ Meir Kahane, HY’D Zt’l, did not learn at BMG. He learned in the Mir.

    Such a shame he is being buried on Har Hazeisim. He should be buried with Muslims and refused a Jewish burial for being a moser.

  9. #18 you are wrong. he does follow his father”s ideology. everybody here thinks they are mevinim on everything.
    #17 Reb Moshe HIrsch learned in Slobodka and in Mir Yerusholayim by Reb LAzer Yudel zt’l

  10. His son yisroel mayer is more extreme then his father, so anybody who questions this and claims that he doesnt follow his fathers warped views. should check his facts first. And what moishe hersch stood for and aimed for is a busha to reb amrom bloi and his shver rabbi katzenelenboigen. But and one thing is certain and that is that he wont be seeing his old friend arfat because arfat is burning forever while moishe will get a chailik in oilim habu after his tenure in gehenim, because kol yisroel yesh luhem chailik liolam habu.

  11. we just had: acharei mos=after s/1 dies, kedoshim emor holy ppl. say=after a rasha dies don’t say anything (bad or good) hashem will take care of it.

  12. Legend has it that he was roommates with Rabbi Meir Kahane and Shlomo Carlebach – I suppose activism was in his blood. (except Meir Kahane learned in the Mir Bklyn under Reb Shmuel Birnbaum zt”l)

    When he reaches the kisah hakavod he will find out what is emes in the eyes of the lord.

  13. Moshe Hirsch when he was in Lakewood, he was the Baal Koreh, Took care of the yeshivas Chalukah, Posek, instituted the minhogei hayeshiva, single handed instrumental in having Reb AAron allow taping of the Shiurim.

  14. to #13 you are right. There is a double standard. However, I condemn the Zionists as well for meeting with our enemies, for building “freezes”, for throwing Jews out of their own homes and giving their land over to the Arabs, for allowing missionaries to do their work unhindered, and the irreligious education and culture they children they cultivate their children with.
    Therefore I never call myself pro-Tzionist.

    But I do call myself a realist and appreciate the good that the Tzionists do; doing hishtadlus to protect the Jews, with Hashem’s help, of course, giving money for hospitals, and Torah institutions and plenty of other important things that they’ve accomplished.

    It is unfortunate the the secular Tzionists are so far removed from reality that they are willing to have “dialogues” and peace agreements with their enemies.

    And it is ironic that this is the point that you bring out- the cozying up to our enemies, which consistently bring spates of terror, the building up of a terrorist state, hundreds of kassems being launched into Jewish cities. This is hardly visionary to me.

    But the brunt my anger, and those who agree with me, are directed at Jews who are frum, who do know that we are in golus and Eisav sonay l’Yaakov, who do know that we are not allowed to give chizuk to our enemies, the enemies who call for the blood and annihalation of the Jews. We are angry and frustrated at those who help raise our enemies ire by proclaiming that they are also against all the “war crimes” that were supposedly commited by the soldiers who are being moser nefesh to protect the Jews living in Israel.

    Hashem, please protect us not only from our enemies, but also from the foolish within our camps, who (unintentially, perhaps) hurt us as well. Wether they are the likes of NK’s or “conservative Jews” (those Hechsher Tzeddek types) who consistantly and irresponsively hurt our interests.

    If you analyze the root cause of the behaviour of these “misguided groups’ you see that the bottom line is their efforts to “educate” the non-Jews of what it “truly” means to be legitimately Jewish – which of couse means only THEIR WAY. And these are not only the NK’s or the Hechsher Tzeddek types – any Jew who is a mossur or talks bad to goyim about Jews falls in the same category as these selfishly misguided and irresponsible people who do a great disserevice and cause harm to our nation.

  15. Rabbi Hirsch is no longer among the living and deserves the kavod the Torah says we should give to a niftar. Better to leave out the “news” of Rabbi Hirsch’s petira than to use it as a base for things to be said.

  16. anyone remember the clip of lipa driving a bus witha mask. I think it was a clip for chush. the name was a time for simcha.
    this face looks like that mask!!!!

  17. R’ Simcha Zissel Ziv (the Alter fuhn Kelm)looked very distraught the entire shabbos one week. On M”Sh he explained to the talmidim that a famous Maskil and Sonei torah had died on Erev Shabbos, – “Who knows how much Tzaar the Neshama is going through in the Olom Haemes after living a life like that,”

    R’ Shlomo Wolbe said this story in a shmooze after Rabin was killed, and pointed out that although it says “B’Abod Reshaim Rina” the Alter held that this doesn’t apply in a generation which cant be confident in its own righteousness. How much more so in our times.

    Seems appropriate in this case too.

  18. Moshe Hirsch, one of the leaders of the radical group who have hijacked the name “Neturei Karta”

    Well written.

    Let it be remembered he did not represent the real Neteurei Karta of Hagoen HaRav Amram Blau ztv”l zy”a.

  19. #25/bb —

    Don’t kill yourself with “the brunt my anger, and those who agree with me, are directed at Jews who are frum”. Save your vitriol for the Zionists who are the real reshoyim. If you fault the Zionists for doing the same thing Mr. Hirsch did, direct your anger at the Zionists who by doing so did actual damage to Judaism and Klal Yisroel, unlike Mr. Hirsch ob”m.

  20. “But the brunt my anger, and those who agree with me, are directed at Jews who are frum, who do know that we are in golus and…”

    And we have to be mekabel beahavah the gzar din of golus and bend our heads under the yoke of the nations unless they want to force us away from yiddishkeit. Standing up against them(including the Arabs) is ?????? ?????? and punishable by ???? ????? ?? ????? ?????? ?????? ???? ?”? as we have seen.

  21. Jews like you who delay moshiach with your sinas chinam.

    If R’ Yochanan was niftar now days, who met whit roman destroyers of Bais hamikdash you would treat him same way
    Shame on you mechalelim shem shomaim borabim.

  22. Comment #34 from Yerushalmi seems to be right.

    When I was at the Yeshiva Gedola – Merkaz HaTorah – Tiferes Mordechai in Montreal and we had a little discussion about this Inyan/subject, the Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Mordechai Weinberg, ZT’L, explained that Rav Amram Blau, ZT’L, was a great Tzaddik who had his unique fully legitamite shita in Torah. However, Rav Mordechai angrily exclaimed: “there are certain things being done in the name of Neturay Karta THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH NETURAY KARTA!” “To tell Yassir Arafat that he can come in and take over all of Eretz Yisroel, HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH NETURAY KARTA!”

  23. to #43
    R’ Yochanan had ruach hokodesh that the Bais Hamikdosh will be destroyed and he tried his best to plead on the Jews’ behalf because it was negeiah.
    Did Hirsch have ruach hakodesh and knew what will be in the future?
    Why exactly is it nogeiah in today’s day to meet and befreind the murderers of our people?
    Why do the terrorists need chizuk from frum Jews for their murderous agenda?

  24. Wow,wow,wow.
    The success of Zionism is unbelievable.
    The language which people used here and on the other websites, the venom coming strait from their brainwashed spaces for … brain.
    Take Zionism is successful, is it also part of the blessing?

  25. You don’t need ruach hakodesh to see that Jews are being murdered in Israel. If kissing Hitler Ym”sh would (perhaps) prevent one Jewish death, would you do it?

  26. That’s my point. I’m not sure I agree with NT, but if they assume, perhaps correctly, that they’re saving lives, they do what they should be doing, at least in their own opinions. Don’t praise them if you don’t want to, but don’t publicly attack them either.

  27. I heard that some off the derech gangsters affiliated with the Kanhane people (the so-called religious zionists) tried to disrupt the levaya.

  28. Great Man and Rabbia Moshe Hirsch
    The world lose peace maker and true Jewish rabbia. he was Anti Zionism which is discrimination with in jews and as well Arabs.

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