Netanyau Slams Bennett: ‘IDF Soldiers Fear No One’


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu slammed Education Minister Naftali Bennett for saying that IDF officers are more concerned with the military prosecutor than with the leader of Hamas in Gaza.

“”We impose legal and perceptual restraints on our soldiers,” Bennett said, adding that “our soldiers are more afraid of prosecutors than of Yahya Sinwar.”

“We have moved from acting decisively against the enemy to containing the enemy.”

“IDF soldiers are not afraid of anyone,” Netanyahu wrote on his Twitter account Monday.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Bibi is wrong again, he cannot face the truth!!!
    He and the government has fallen for the left, they are more worried about what the evil left will write about them and the government locally and abroad more than the life of the average foot soldier

    Evil and shameful!!!


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