Netanyahu’s Son Under Fire for ‘Anti-Semitic’ Facebook Post

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s son has come under fire for posting a meme to Facebook full of anti-Semitic themes, local media reports. The image, posted Friday by Yair Netanyahu and captioned “food chain,” appears to show investor George Soros controlling the world and manipulating the Netanyahu family’s enemies. Soros is shown dangling the globe before a large reptilian creature, which in turn is dangling an alchemical symbol in front of what appears to be an Illuminati figure.

The meme also features Prime Minister Ehud Barak, anti-Netanyahu activist Eldad Yaniv, and Meni Naftali, a former caretaker for the Netanyahu family who has implicated Sara Netanyahu in an ongoing criminal case. Read more at HAARETZ.

{ Israel}


  1. I’m disappointed that Matzav has published this from the extreme left wing rag Haaretz.

    Perhaps the Facebook post wasn’t so sensitive, but, as the saying goes, if the shoe fits, wear it.

    The fact is that the extreme leftist Soros does cause a great deal of trouble. Trying to divert attention from that with pieces like this, is a diversionary tactic, that should be resisted, not broadcast.

  2. If anyone is anti-Semitic it’s Haaretz.
    The self-hating infamous Nazi-collaborator Soros controlling the world is not anti-Semitic at all. He’s an evil monster who should be arrested for the rest of his life and all his money confiscated.

    Netanyahu’s and his wife’s ongoing criminal case is the Leftist Loser’s witch-hunt just like the Leftist Losers are doing to President Trump.

  3. There nothing antisemites in the post Netanyahu Jr. has made,

    A new perversion any comment critical of soros is labeled anti-Semitic.

    Soros is the biggest Jew-hater today.

  4. Misleading headline. This kid loves his family and hates the do nothings who criticize. Who likes Soros? Only the shonei Yisroel

  5. I don’t see anything wrong with what Yair posted. He is 100% correct. Soros is a scumbag. He and the rest of the anti-Semitic, anti Israel left have been trying to topple Bibi for ages.
    Pardon me for digressing, but is Matzav going to get itself off the supermarket tabloid rack and back into the ranks of professionalism and journalistic integrity anytime soon?


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