Netanyahu’s Brother-in-Law: Obama is an Anti-Semite


netanyahuAt the height of the worst Israel-US crisis in decades, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was forced to distance himself today from the views of his brother-in-law, who called President Obama “anti-Semitic” over the airwaves this morning.In an interview with Israel Army Radio today, Hagai Ben Artzi, the brother of Netanyahu’s wife Sara, reportedly said: “it needs to be said clearly and simply: There is an anti-Semitic president in the US. It’s not that Obama doesn’t sympathize with [Mr. Netanyahu]. He doesn’t sympathize with the people of Israel.”

Netanyahu’s office swifty published a condemnation: “I entirely reject the remarks of Hagai Ben Artzi.”

Mr. Ben Artzi, who has a history of controversial remarks, is family in more than one way.

The hardliner – who’s held positions as a lecturer in Yerushalayim, and in the Education Ministry, and has a doctorate in Israel thought and philosophy from Hebrew University in Yerushalayim – also represents the family of nationalists who support Netanyahu and for whom any movement on the peace process is going to stir tension.

The Israeli daily Haaretz reported that Knesset Member Michael Ben Ari of the far-right National Union party recently hung a poster with a picture in which Obama looks like he is bowing to a Gulf prince, underneath a headline, “Caution! [Palestine Liberation Organization] Agent in the White House!”

The opinions recall suspicions voiced about Obama in Israel during his run for the presidency that were based on his Muslim relatives and a former pastor whose sermons occasionally included remarks considered anti-Semitic.

Mitchell Barak, a pollster who used to work with Netanyahu, says there is widespread alienation among Israelis regarding Obama, whom many consider the US president most unsympathetic to Israel for decades.

That said, both Ben Artzi and Ben Ari represent fringe opinions, says Mr. Barak.

“The problem with the extremist right groups,” he says, “is that they can’t recognize anyone that doesn’t shares the opinions of their own group.”

{CSMonitor/Yair israel}


  1. While I agree that Obama is an anti Semite and Muslim lover, I think this guy needs to keep quiet. He makes the Prime minister look bad. Imagine if Obamas brother in law would publicly shoot off his mouth about Bibi or something like that. Some things are better left unsaid. Its unbelievable how stupid and unsavvy Israel is when it comes to PR. They should learn from the Palestinians how to use the Media to their advantage. These types of public pronouncements are PR suicide. If Bibi had seichel he would go on TV and say that his brother in law is wrong, if he doesn’t, that means he agrees and now the WORLD especially the USA know that the Israeli govt think Obama is an anti Semite. How do you think that will look? Don’t you think that will have consequences? Stop spitting in Americas face for heavens sake!!!! Use some diplomacy!

  2. I disagree with Roieh. Obama thinks he is fooling all of the people all of the time. When we are quiet it just feeds his already inflated ego and causes him to take another step over the previous inviolate boundaries.

    He is an evil man who knows full well what he is doing. When we seem to agree that he has Israel’s well being at heart, it causes the world to wonder why we are protesting his actions.

  3. Well, will the SEVENTY EIGHT PERCENT of Jews that voted for Hussain Obama once again? I’m sure about it. Just like all New York voters will do it again even after having all of our independent (and even democrats) leaders declaring that the Healthcare Bill will be disastrous for New York State. That’s what liberals are all about. And they’re the ones running around and lecturing everyone about bi-partisanship… They even taught Lieberman the bi-partisanship lesson after he was being too partisan running around for McCain, he learned a lesson, he jumped on the boat for Deathcare… also after a lesson… Basically all Democrat congressmen that were acting too partisan on Deathcare, were being lectured about bi-partisanship. Or being singled out by our great friend and palestinian sympathizer…


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