Netanyahu Wishes Argentina’s Chief Rabbi A Speedy Recovery


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke on Tuesday evening by telephone with the Chief Rabbi of Argentina, Rabbi Gabriel Davidovich and wished him and his wife a quick recovery.

The Prime Minister said, “First of all, on behalf of myself and all citizens of Israel and Jews, I would like to offer our support. I wish you both a full recovery. These wicked criminals should be found as soon as possible.”

Rabbi Davidovich and his wife were violently attacked Monday night at their home in Buenos Aires e at around 2:00 a.m. and told the rabbi, “We know that you are the rabbi of the Jewish community.”

President Reuven Rivlin spoke to the rabbi earlier on Tuesday and told him, “I am calling to find out how you are and to express my concern about the safety of the large Jewish community you lead. The State of Israel will do everything necessary to protect Jews wherever they choose to live and will take any steps to protect us from danger. We will not allow those who seek our harm us to pursue us.”


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