Netanyahu: We Want Arab Citizens to Integrate into Israeli Society


“Most Arab citizens of Israel want to integrate into Israeli society. I also want this,” Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu wrote on Facebook on Monday. “It pains me that there are extremists within Arab society who incite the Arab community to go in the opposite direction.”

As an example of incitement, Times of Israel reports, Netanyahu referred to protesters who interrupted a speech given last week by a liaison for the Free Syrian Army. “Israeli-Arab students came to disrupt a public meeting about the situation in Syria….They claimed that the Syrian exiles who participated in the conference were traitors to the Syrian people.”

Netanyahu noted that the Syrians accused the protesters of failing to understand what true oppression involves. “You are living in a paradise compared to Syria,” said Issam Zeitoun of the Free Syrian Army. “You should be ashamed.”


  1. Arabic integration into Israeli society is a pipe dream. First, the Arabs must want to live in a society altogether, to forego violence and destruction as their methods of negotiations, basically, to act like civilized people would. Then, they would have to actually become civilized people.

  2. Arabs integrate into Israeli society???? Hope Natanyahu is kidding! How can you integrate people whose primary wish is the destruction of your land?? Did the PM forget all the killings of innocent Israelis by the Arabs. As long as the Arabs do not recognize Israel for what it is—A Jewish State—; there is no hope for a just peace with them!!a!


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