Netanyahu: We Blew Up Iran’s ATM Machine


PM Netanyahu said today that Israel stopped cash flow to Iran, and promised anyone who drags Israel into conflict will ‘regret it sorely.’

“We will continue to respond forcefully to Iran’s plans to turn Syria into a base for firing deadly rockets at us,” Netanyahu said. “The mass demonstrations teach us that our efforts to put Iran in its place are bearing fruit.”

“We blew up Iran’s cash machine. The ones who provided the most cash to Iran were stopped short, and the Iranian people are feeling it in their pockets. The IDF, and the Air Force, will continue to act with force against Iranian targets in the area.

“Whoever drags us into a conflict will regret it sorely.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Greatness. He must have left his pin on the bad crazy palestinian leadership’s face. The code was easy and I doubt it was bosco.


  2. That’s not true. Fake news. Under the direction of Jerrold Nadler, Kristen Gillibrand and I will be sending covertly, another 100,000,000,000.00 of hardworking Americans tax dollars. The Republicans including Jeff Sessions, are asleep at the switch and have never stopped anything, we in the minority feel like doing. Just ask Adam Schiff.


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