Netanyahu Warns Hamas Of ‘Large-Scale’ Gaza Operation If Unrest Continues


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is warning Hamas that Israel will not hesitate to launch a “large-scale operation” in Gaza, as daily exchanges with terrorist groups in Palestinian territory are threatening a wider escalation.

“I’ve heard people in Gaza saying that since we’re in an election campaign, a large-scale operation is out of the question,” Netanyahu says, referring to April 9 Israeli polls.

“I’d suggest to Hamas — don’t count on it. We’ll do whatever is necessary to return peace and quiet to the Gaza border communities, and the entire south.”

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. Cmon, Bibi, you should have done this YEARS ago. Make it happen, empty out Gaza and then the rest of Samaria. Then we can have enough space for all Yidden to live when Machiach gets here.


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