Netanyahu, Trudeau Affirm Friendship in “Warm” Phone Call


Justin TrudeauIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu offered his congratulations to Canadian prime-minister-designate Justin Trudeau in a telephone call shortly after the election, affirming the friendship of the two countries.

Rafael Barak, Israel’s ambassador to Canada, said the call left his country assured that relations between Canada and the Jewish state will remain strong.

“Mr. Trudeau has been very consistent from the very beginning of his campaign in expressing his support for Israel,” said Barak. “Maybe the style will change, but I don’t feel there will be a change on the substance.”



  1. Former PC Prime Minister Mulroney said the morning after ,that he had warned segments of the conservative Party that they were
    treating Trudeau too much as a lightweight and and underestimating him

    It came back to bite them hard

    People in Canada wanted Change and something New

    a)Two of three main parties were promoting Change


    Mulcair seemed like a polar explorer


    Trudeau seemed like a college kid or teenager

    So he obviously represented Change better

    Harper was running on a bland “stay the course”

    b)Harper also always seemed corporate ,distant and a bit uncanadian

    c)Plus, making the Niqab on campaign issue was disaster

    He lost the large muslim ,pakistani,south asian communities who on policies mostly would have stood with the tories


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