Netanyahu To Likud Party Members: Accusation About Occupation Is ‘Bull’


Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu called “bull” on accusations that Israel is an occupier in a meeting with Likud on Monday.

“ ‘Occupation’ is bull,” Netanyahu told a Likud Party meeting. “There are countries that have conquered and replaced entire populations, and the world keeps silent. Strength is the key; it makes all the difference in our policy towards the Arab world.”

He warned that concessions do nothing to promote true peace in the Middle East, and that the key to Israel’s future success in the region is strength.

“As opposed to the perception that concessions promote agreements with the Arabs, they would only bring minor and short-term changes—nothing more,” said the prime minister. “The right thing to do is to make progress through common interests.”

Netanyahu also lauded the decision of the United States to renew sanctions against Iran, a country that has openly called for Israel’s destruction, and which is a primary financial backer of terror operations against Israel, especially by Hezbollah.

“This day is a historic day,” he said. “Today is the day Washington imposed the toughest sanctions Iran has ever known in an attempt to halt its aggression.

“I would like to again thank U.S. President Donald Trump for the courageous, determined and important decision,” continued Netanyahu. “I think it contributes to stability, security and peace in the region.” JNS.ORG

{ Israel}


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