Netanyahu To Israeli Opposition: Stop Criticizing Israel Abroad


Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu this past week called for the Knesset members of the Israeli opposition to support Israel’s government in the international arena.

Speaking at a Knesset meeting convened by the opposition, Netanyahu said the opposition was undermining Israel’s standing in the world.

“I heard [opposition leader] MK [Isaac] Herzog tell the president of France that it is impossible to realize a two-state solution,” he said. “Perhaps now you will stand united with us in the face of international efforts to impose dangerous solutions on us. We will resist any attempt to force solutions on us.”

Commenting on an idea recently floated by Herzog, who suggested that Israel disengage from the Palestinians in the absence of peace negotiations, Netanyahu said, “All the talk about separation with an agreement or without, or security separation—is not suitable. Israel must be the one responsible for security on the ground and the one to implement the demilitarization.”

“Mutual recognition and demilitarization are two fundamental values, without which there cannot be an arrangement,” he said.

Netanyahu said members of Herzog’s Labor party “determined that it is impossible to achieve a two-state solution in the current situation. Good morning, Bougie (Herzog’s nickname). I’m happy you woke up. Welcome to the Middle East….Not only were you not quick to pick up on the situation—you were the last to recognize the reality.”

Herzog responded to Netanyahu, “Unlike you, I am not prepared to accept the notion that ‘by thy sword shalt thou live’ (Bereishis 27:40).” The far right believes that annexing the territories and their Palestinian residents is the solution. Who is stopping you from doing that?”


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