Netanyahu To Gaza Terrorists: Israel’s Policy Is “Kill Or Be Killed”


netanyahu2Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said today that Israel has no choice but to retaliate when faced with attack and would stop “every attempt to fire against Israel and anyone who fires anyway.”

Netanyahu told ministers gathered for a special cabinet session in Tzefas that Israel’s defense policy is based on two principles: “Kill or be killed” and “He who harms you should bear the blood on his head.”

“I suggest Hamas, Jihad and the other organizations not test our determination to actualize the two principles I have described here,” said Netanyahu. “We will harm every attempt to fire against Israel and anyone who fires anyway. We do not want things to deteriorate, but we will defend Israel’s citizens determinedly, aggressively and effectively.”

{Yair Newscenter}


  1. If we could bottle all the hot air from the Israeli govt. we could do away with nuclear powerplants in the whole world.

    They’re all talk and no action. They’re more afraid of the NY times and US government handouts than they are of anything else.

  2. Yeh, then why are they still shooting missiles? Please, until Bibi gets the Okay first, nothing is done and when okay comes through, it’s done half-way (on purpose?), which makes things worse. Where is the Israel of some decades ago?
    When leaders of Israel go against Torah commandments, it always backfires. The Torah teaches explicitly how to wage war against its enemies and its directives are always a sure-WIN!

  3. In Gaza they are shaking in their pants!
    They are also mightily impressed in Lebanon!
    Iran’s Am’jihad is in deep trouble!
    The Saudi house of cards is crumbling.
    All because of Bibi’s announcement.

    Keep up the good work, Bibi.

  4. Agree with # 2.However, the israli leaderes of decades ago, enjoyed a much better world support. We need some honest straight strong people in the political arena but they are hard to find.

  5. #3 What exactly do you love about him??? that he is a chicken? That he is weak? That he goes against the Torah and how to wage war, and when? That he looks over his shoulder to see who is watching and who is giving him a pat? That his fellow citizens are second to the immediate praise he can get for a small good deed compared to building a strong country, once and for all. To show the world that We can stand on our own and Hashem is with us. We don’t need anyone to say Yes Yes….we do what is good for us…????
    So which one is it…?
    What a shame. We are a wise nation, but surely, by now, the most foolish!

  6. #7 Well said. The Arabs are smart enough to realize that his words – like the last few prime ministers – are nothing but hot air. They know that at the worst case the IDF would fight back for a day or two. So what?

  7. Wow. I can’t believe all the anti-Bibi sentiment in these comments. Would anyone rather Livni? Bibi has generally been a strong leader, despite tremendous international pressure. What would you do in his shoes?

    The pressure should be to protect his people and leave the rest up to Hashem…!
    It’s not about who would be better. Now..fate deemed him to be in a leadership role…well …so show some leadership.

  9. #11, he has stood up to pressure much more than gave into it. What are you talking about specifically? How about Obama, Congress, UN, etc.?


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