Netanyahu To Chareidi Female Pilot: “What Do You Do With Your Children When You’re Piloting A Plane?”


Bais Yaakov graduate and mother-of-four Nechamah Spiegel Novak was one of two pilots who flew Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife to Greece for the recent triple summit with Greece and Turkey. Before takeoff, Netanyahu announced to reporters: “We are now going to meet the first chareidi woman pilot. You can come.”

Spiegel Novak greeted the prime ministerial couple as they entered her cabin, but only shook Mrs. Netanyahu’s hand.

“What do you do with your four children when you’re piloting a plane?” the prime minister queried, to which she responded, “They have a father.”

Netanyahu and his wife smiled and had their photo taken with her.

At the age of 20, Spiegel Novak was infected with the flying bug and went to the United States to earn her wings. Afterwards, she returned there periodically to log enough hours to qualify for an El Al pilot course. Most Israeli candidates for El Al courses log their hours during Air Force service.

“Being a pilot has always been a dream of mine,” she said at the start of the El Al course in 2015. “My husband is very supportive, and he is helping make my dream a reality.”

Between flights, Spiegel lives in a chareidi Yerushalayim neighborhood.

{ israel News}



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