Netanyahu To Ban: Palestinian Refusal To Recognize Jewish State Is Root Of Conflict


netanyahuNo one can say anymore with a straight face that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the root cause of instability in the Middle East, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today, reports the Jerusalem Post.

“I think today everybody understands that the root cause of the instability in the Middle East and beyond has to do with the convulsion that is historic and cultural in nature of which the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is merely one of many, many such manifestations,” Netanyahu told Ban.

Ban arrived in Israel Thursday afternoon for a 36-hour visit to show his support for the renewed Israel-Palestinian negotiations. Read more here.

{ Israel}


  1. The reality is that the palestinians are headed for their own abyss. They wont change their words ever because they have no atonement. They will not be part of the greater good of the mid east in any way as a player and they are leaving their jewelry of success to the following generations envy. They will all be lost to the losing ways of injustice. Never Again.

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