Netanyahu Threatens Early Elections Over Draft Law


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned Sunday that he would call for early elections if a new Draft law is not passed quickly.

“If there is no breakthrough and compromise by the charedim within two weeks, we will decide at the beginning of the next month on a date for elections,” Netanyahu said this afternoon.

Knesset Chairman David Amsalem criticized the Supreme Court this morning, after the court ruled that the State must pass a Draft Law by December. According to him, without the draft law the government will fall apart. “If we do not succeed in passing the draft law, we will go to elections,” he said.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. There is no way he wants early elections. He is riding high especially with Trump at his side. He can’t antoganize the Orthodox Jews because it’s the orthodox who elected Trump not the liberals. And all Trumps close staff are Orthodox Jews. If he messes with us will tell Trump to mess with him.

  2. Why do chareidim, Yeshiva students, have to be forced to join the army when there are at least 50% secular who dodge the draft? Yeshiva students at least protect the land with their learning and praying. What do the secular do towards the land of Israel except for defiling it with immorality and lawlessness?


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