Netanyahu Spokesman Eviscerates Iranian Foreign Minister Over Pittsburgh Tweet


Ofir Gendelman, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Arab media spokesman, eviscerated Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif on Monday in a sharp Twitter exchange on the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre.

Zarif tweeted, in an apparent dig at US President Donald Trump, “Extremism and terrorism know no race or religion, and must be condemned in all cases. The world deserves better than to have to live with weaponized demagoguery.”

“Thoughts and prayers with victims of terrorist attack on Pittsburgh synagogue and their loved ones,” Zarif added.

Gendelman shot back, “Says the foreign minister of a tyrannical regime that is the world’s #1 sponsor of terrorism, that swears every day that it will destroy my country & kill its 9 million citizens, that bombed the Jewish center in Buenos Aires & helped Assad murder hundreds of thousands of Muslims.”

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  1. “Eviscerates” fancy word. I was hoping to see footage of Gendelman actually butchering Zarif. These headlines are so overrated that it’s scary. Maybe next time we can use a more literal adjective


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