Netanyahu Slams PA in Letter to John Kerry: ‘Incitement and Peace Don’t Go Together’


netanyahu-kerryIn the wake of the chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat’s angry letter to Secretary of State John Kerry about Israel’s new settlement building amid the resumption of peace talks, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu sent his own letter to Kerry over the weekend, lambasting the Palestinians for failing to curb incitement against Israel.

Netanyahu wrote to Kerry that leading Palestinian Authority officials were calling for Israel’s destruction even after peace talks resumed on July 31 in Washington – the first major effort since negotiations broke down in 2008. “Incitement and peace don’t go together,” Netanyahu wrote, explaining that new generations of Palestinians were being taught to hate Israel, further fueling the cycle of violence. Read more at Times of Israel.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. It’s been long in coming but finally PM Netanyahu stood up to them! Let’s hope he doesn’t buckle under pressure and back down!
    I hope he doesn’t free those killers! It would be best if they stood trial – shariah style – and be put to sleep for their murderous crimes. Perhaps the barbarians in Gaza could do the job for him for just a few pesos pocket coins.

  2. But – Mr. Dodo Natanyahu – you already released 126 beasts-murderers – for what? just for the “honor” of seating within a hand-touch with their leaders – the professors of killing? I think you and your cabinet members need some time out in psych word


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