Netanyahu Rejects EU: No Limits on Building in Yerushalayim


netanyahuPrime Minister Bibi Netanyahu came out swinging today after the European Union criticized approval for 800 new homes in the southern neighborhood of Gilo, and he told the Cabinet,” We are not imposing any restrictions on construction in Jerusalem. It is our capital.”

Last week’s approval for new building Yerushalayim includes construction of a military college on land that the EU, as well as the United States, considers to be Jewish “settlements” that they consider illegal.

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  1. Who do they think they are? Get out of oountry!
    In the 1930’s you told us to get out of Europe and go to Palestine! We listened! No you seem to be adopting Ahm-A-Nutta-Job’s policies and you want us obliterated! Stick your EU noses out of our lives! Your position is ridiculously wrong at best and wholly anri-semetic at worst! Who asked you?


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