Netanyahu Promises To Re-Examine Israel’s Controversial ‘Nation-State’ Law


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed Thursday to examine changes to Israel’s recently-passed “nation-state” law after senior coalition ministers said it harmed the country’s large Druze community.

Following growing opposition to the law, Netanyahu met with ministers and Akram Hasson, a senior Druze lawmaker in the coalition’s Kulanu party. Hasson described the meeting as “positive” and said Netanyahu had agreed to examine changes to the law and would assign Tourism Minister Yariv Levin to the job.

Earlier Thursday, Finance Minister Kahlon told Israel’s army radio that the bill defining Israel as a Jewish state was a “mistake” passed too quickly and that it must be amended.  Kahlon is the second Israeli minister to call for an amendment to the law — which many Israeli-Arab activists have also harshly criticized as diminishing their status as citizens.

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  1. I guess the UN is getting to Bibi again, and those frowning eyes of other countries that the Banana Republic listen to.
    Waiting for the real Israel to stand up.

  2. Even assuming the bill is correct and the right thing to do it’s still not worth alienating the Druze community over this.

    They make some amendment acknowledging the Druze contribution to the Israeli army.

  3. The Druze can live in the Jewish State, just like anyone else. Israel is a Jewish State whether the UN or anyone likes it or not. And Netanyhau has no right to change Israel’s status from being a Jewish State.


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