Netanyahu Predicts Demise Of Reform World


Ariel Cahana of the Makor Rishon magazine wrote that Prime Minister Netanyahu foresees that the non-Orthodox American community will completely assimilate in a generation or two.

During talks he held recently with people involved in links between Israel and American Jewry, Netanyahu said that the low birth rate of liberal Jews would be the main cause of their demographic demise and that Israel should prepare for the day when this bastion of American support no longer exists, Cahana wrote.

Although Israel should not turn a cold shoulder on non-Orthodox Jews, in the long run it would not be worthwhile for Israel to invest excessive energy in preserving the Jewish identity of the non-Orthodox communities and strengthening their connections with Israel, Netanyahu reportedly said.

Netanyahu reportedly opined that Israel should rely as much as possible on the support of the Orthodox American community, whose support has been increasing in the past years. Netanyahu also allegedly thought it worthwhile to strengthen Israel’s bond with Christians close to Israel whose electoral power is increasing in the United States and Canada.

Cahana wrote that Netanyahu may be influenced by similar ideas expressed by Israeli ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer.

The Prime Minister’s office said in response, “The reports are inaccurate and do not reflect the opinion of the Prime Minister; the Prime Minister respects all streams.”

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  1. How smart.

    It is about time to forget that we ever let a jew enter a place to be told he did not have to be kosher by a jew. The terror is too long and too hard.

    Harvesting our souls for blasphemy is hate. The reform and conservative and any other stream of hate-faith for Torah must be abolished.

    This is a national emergency.

  2. Netanyahu grows wiser as he matures.
    Reform is not Judaism.
    When one mentions “streams” of Judaism, he eventually drowns in religious confusion.
    There are no “streams” or “branches” of Judaism. There is only Torah Judaism and fake or phony practices called “Reform”, “Conservative”, “Reconstructionist”, “Deconstructionist”, “Feminist”, “LGBTQUEER” and a variety of other imposters of Judaism.
    We must mekarev those {real) Yidden who have fallen into the web of deceit by those fakesters mentioned above or they will assimilate into other cultures as they are now doing.

  3. It’s only a very short time the reform will be history. Even the one remaining reform temple in Boro Park is now for sale. They have no future.

  4. Reform will be history. Not so. No One will even remember them as most of them get cremated into ashes. Their children intermarry or never marry.

  5. Does this mean he himself is going to start keeping Shabbos and kashrus and that his kids aren’t going to date Norwegians anymore?

  6. A generation or two is still 40 to 60 years. That is quite a long time, and many things can happen during such a period.

    While true that their numbers are shrinking, it will still take a few lifetimes before their numbers are truly insignificant.

    As well, it is not a good idea to abandon those being lost, we prefer to try to reach out and try to hold on to them.

  7. Methinks we will soon have Moshiach, sooner than a generation or two, and i would not want to be in the piace of those befriending xian zionists. As for the reform they will realize they were misguided and wrong.

  8. Whereas it’s true that the Reform are becoming history – but that is due to their own actions. Were they to start bringing some true Torah observances into their lives, things would change for the better.
    We Orthodox Jews need to befriend them and let them know that we we consider them Jews (as long as their mothers are Jewish). We pray for them and encourage them to join us. We will not give up on them.
    We do however consider their actions in fighting us (e.g. “prayers” at the Kosel) as cheap and despicable. That will never make them Jewish – to the contrary – it will push their “flock” further away from anything resembling Jewry. They are digging their own graves with these actions.
    Come home brothers and sisters !!!


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