Netanyahu Pockets Bullet From Seized Iranian Arms Shipment


netanyahuWhile presenting to worldwide media outlets on Monday the weapons seized from an Iranian arms ship last week, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu was filmed pocketing one of the estimated 400,000 bullets found on board, Israel’s Channel 2 reported.

Netanyahu intends to show the projectile to world leaders as evidence of the Islamic Republic’s active involvement in the arming of terrorist organizations, Channel 2 said.

At the press conference on Monday, held in Eilat, Netanyahu unveiled the massive arsenal of weapons that Israeli Navy commandos seized aboard the arms ship Klos-C, which was intercepted in the Red Sea last week.

The Israeli military announced on Sunday that it offloaded 40 M-302 missiles, 181 122-mm mortars and 400,000 7.62 caliber bullets from the containers aboard the ship.

Netanyahu’s souvenir slug was intended to be used as ammunition for the Soviet-made AK-47 selective-fire, gas-operated assault rifle, better known as the Kalashnikov, Channel 2 said.

The Kalashnikov remains the weapon of choice among many terrorist organizations, including members of the Islamist, Gaza-based organization Hamas. The IDF maintains that Bibi’s bullet, as well as the rest of the weapons cache, was on its way to the Gaza Strip, where the Iranian hardware was to be used by Hamas and other terrorist outfits.


{ Israel}


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