Netanyahu Orders Recount Amid Suspicions Of Fraud In Israeli Likud Party Primary


After newly discovered inconsistencies in votes cast during Israel’s ruling Likud party primaries aroused suspicions of fraud, Prime Minister and party chairman Benjamin Netanyahu ordered a recount of votes at all polling stations.

Israel’s Channel 12 reported on Sunday night that the number of votes counted for some candidates does not line up with how many voters are eligible to vote Likud in specific localities.

According to the report, Culture Minister Miri Regev – who was announced as the winner of Likud’s fifth seat in the party’s future leadership – received a total of 436 votes in Bnei Brak, where are are only 334 eligible voters.Similarly, Science Minister Ofir Akunis received 229 votes in Mitzpe Jericho, despite there being only 153 Likud voters.

“Likud is proud of its primaries and the fact that it examines itself in an honest and meticulous manner,” the party said in response to the report, adding that it plans to release official results this week.
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  1. Ha ha ha. It sounds exactly like what the democrats do in this country which also includes votes from people who are dead already.


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