Netanyahu on Matzav Hauma: Iran is Dangerous, and That’s No Joke


netanyahuIsraeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu appeared on Sunday on the satirical television program Matzav HaUma (State of the Union), which airs on Channel 2.

While much of the interview was funny, given the nature of the program, the Prime Minister also made some comments on serious issues, among which was a warning that Iran’s nuclear program is dangerous for Israel.

“Iran is an anti-Semitic country that wants to destroy us. Iran is no joke,” said Netanyahu. “I would not joke about oppressors in our history. In the past, the Jewish people were not good about seeing danger in time. Again and again we were surprised. That will not happen under my leadership. I don’t care if they accuse me of creating spins. I see a danger to the Jewish state and I am working to ward off that danger. That is what the people of Israel expect me to do.”

Referring to the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA), Netanyahu said that he would not be willing up to concede any territory, only to have Iran and its proxies take over that territory.

“I gave the Bar-Ilan speech in which I said I was willing to recognize their state, so long as they recognize our state,” he said. “They have not yet recognized our right to this land. I am waiting for [PA Chairman] Abbas to give a speech of his own, in which he will tell his people that the Jews have a state and they have a right to their own state alongside their state. I’m waiting.” Read more at Arutz Sheva.

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  1. He warns of Iran destroying our country when he is well on the path of destroying it himself, with all the sinas chinam he’s allowed to happen . The only reason why we have enemies without is because we have enemies within . He would do well to review Tanach .

  2. #1 I agree with you
    & would tell everyone to open up a book of Zecharia Hanavi to see a complete list of tragedies & events that will occur to klal yisroel before mashiach comes.

    just to list a few mentioned by Hashem to Zecharia Hanavi:
    1)the ENTIRE world-that includes the USA-will be against Eretz Yisroel & the yidden

    2)the yidden will be forced into war i.e. Israeli Draft & chased into the desert & then call out to Hashem to be saved.

    Many more things will occur. don’t believe it?…. open up the sefer & see for yourself WHAT HASHEM said

    may we start doing teshuva very soon so things don’t get worse then it is already R”L


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